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See how one school uses digital technology as part of its School Culture.

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Creating, publishing and maintaining a website can be fraught with worries for the beginner the links below will help demystify the whole experience and help get you started and provide useful information for the seasoned user.

The Scoilnet webhosting-blogging service provides both a website hosting and a blogging service for Primary and Post Primary schools. The Scoilnet blogging service allows schools to easily develop a school website or school blog and host it for free on the schools broadband network. The blogging service supports different types of content, including text, images, audio, including podcasts and video clips.;

Scoilnet Star Sites

Visit Scoilnet’s Star Site archive to view selected sites.

School ICT Culture

Some useful information on ICT Culture can be accessed on the eLearning Roadmap section.

Schools should consider how they can integrate ICT into the school culture to enable sharing and mutual support among the teachers, collaboration with other schools locally and globally while also improving communications with parents and the wider local community. In developing the e-learning Plan, the school should look beyond the4 curriculum to see how ICT is used in the other areas such as:

  • teacher collaboration and peer to peer support
  • creating and sharing digital resources among colleagues both within the school and through teacher professional networks (TPNs) or communities of practice
  • use of virtual learning environments (VLEs)
  • communicating with parents and the wider community
  • providing access to ICT outside of school time
  • developing and updating the school website
See how one school uses digital technology as part of its School Culture.