Self Evaluation

Each school must fully complete a self-evaluation in order to apply for validation and accreditation. During this stage, schools are evaluating their performance against 5 digital schools criteria and are preparing to meet the necessary requirements for validation.


The 5 digital schools measurement criteria come under the following headings

In answering the questions, please consider the following;

  • Each statement should be considered along with the supporting options :-
    • Addressed
    • Partially addressed
    • Not addressed
  • Schools should select the option that is consistent with the position of the school.
  • Statements that are considered essential to be addressed carry a higher weighing. 
  • Within each criteria, a minimum score of 70% must be achieved before a school can apply for validation.

Don’t worry, self-evaluation responses are retained so a school may return at any stage and change the option at any time before final submission.

Finally, schools can get help in a number of different ways;

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